Terms and Conditions

Who we are?

We are Demapal Ltd (referred to in the rest of this note as “The Operator”, or “Us”, or “We”) at 63 St. Mary Axe, London EC3A 8AA, registered private hire transport operator. TfL licence 10081.

The contract

When you are making booking with us, a contract is created between us, the operator and you, the passenger for the booking as well as the provision of the transportation services. The contract is terminated once the journey is completed.

The operator is responsible for both accepting the booking and the provision of the journey.

Liability in relation to the transportation services belongs to the operator.

The operator enters into a contractual obligation as principal with the person making the private hire booking to provide the journey which is the subject of the booking and any such contractual obligation must be consistent with the 1998 Act and these Regulations.

The Operator is complying with the obligation and fulfilling its responsibilities under private hire legislation in relation to the contractual arrangements it has in place with passengers and other operators. These responsibilities include that:

  • The Operator itself accept bookings from its passengers, rather than anyone else (e.g. a driver) doing so;
  • The Operator itself takes responsibility for the journey from point A to point B, rather than anyone else (e.g. a driver) doing so;
  • All bookings are carried out in a London licensed PHV (or taxi) driven by a London licensed driver;
  • The booking is carried out for a fare which was either agreed or for which an accurate estimate was provided in advance.

The obligation applies to the Operator whether or not we use written contracts with passengers and/or drivers. A contract will exist even if it is not recorded in writing and the same requirements apply to operators who orally agree arrangements with passengers as they do to those who have written terms.

Most of the transfers, however, are performed by third parties operators, and they have own liabilities to their passengers too. The Operator can sub-contract a booking to another licensed operator, but the contract with the operator who initially accepted the booking must remain in force in the usual way.

All operators must comply with the obligation including those without written contracts. Indeed, what a written contract says may not be conclusive evidence that an operator is complying with the obligation. What happens in practice must also be consistent with the obligation.

Getting a quote

You must fill the quotation form on our website to get your quote. You also can send us a text message in WhatsApp, or email. We can’t provide a quote over the phone, but you may still want to call us, which is fine.

The quickest way to get your quote is to fill the form.

Any information provided by you is treated under the operator’s Privacy Policy, please see it in HERE.

Once you did it, we try to deliver your quote within 20 minutes. But, if you did it at night, we may reply to you in the morning. And sometimes, it can take longer, as before we send you a quote we need to be sure, that the car is available for this booking from the third party’s operator.

Any quote is given to you is valid only for 2 hours, if the booking for the next day or in future. The same day quotes are valid for 30 minutes only.

The quote is for your information and there is no obligation to accept it. But if you want to go ahead, then you would need to fill the booking form.


Please, use the booking form only if you are happy with offered prices, and only if you are happy to pay. The booking form includes all necessary details to perform your booking. If the booking form is not suitable for your request, for example you need more than 2 or 3 transfers, then, please, contact us.

Once you have done the booking form, we immediately receive all of your details, and you will receive the confirmation from transport@demapal.com.

Accepting booking

The Operator will accept your booking, after the payment.

We do accept all bank cards, and use Stripe, SumUp and PayPal, and we are happy with bank transfers, but we do not accept cash payments to drivers. All bookings must be 100% prepaid.


The booking can be changed directly with the operator not later than 48 hours, before pickup time, and all fees will be refunded.

Changing less than 48 before pickup time, or during the trip must be done directly with the operator only (not with a driver), and subject to availability, and an extra fee may be applied with your consent only.

Your trip

The operator will send to the main passenger the driver’s details before the transfer to WhatsApp, or to the email. Normally this is not later than 1 hour before the trip.

Smoking, and drinking alcohol is prohibited in all private hire vehicles. You will be asked to leave the vehicle if you are bridged this rule or being rude to a driver with no refund at all.

All passengers must wear a seat-belt in all private hire vehicles, and you are liable for paying the penalty fares if the vehicle is being stopped by the police.

In case of lost item, passenger advised to contact to the operator first, or to TfL’s lost property.

For comments or complaints about drivers or operators please use the customer form https://tfl.gov.uk/help-and-contact/contact-us-about-taxi-and-private-hire or call +443432224000 (call charges may apply)


The booking can be cancelled directly with the operator not later than 48 hours, before pickup time, and all fees will be refunded, and the contract will be terminated immediately.

If the booking is cancelled 48 hours before or less pickup time, or in case of no-show, payment is non-refundable, and the contract will be terminated immediately.

If you are rude to the driver, the driver can ask you to leave the vehicle with no refund again, and the contract will be terminated immediately.

Only the operator can cancel a booking with a passenger, (although the driver may reject an offer from the operator to carry out a particular journey, or amendments).


If you damage the vehicle used for your booking you must cover all reasonable expensive to cover damages.

Our responsibility

If the operator fails to fulfil their obligation completely (no car at all), the full refund will be issued to you by us. We will not cover others, like missed plane tickets eg.

If your driver is late, then we may pay you £30.00 per hour for your waiting time, if you asked us to do so.

If the operator downgrades your vehicle’s class, we will refund the difference, but not more than 15% of the fee paid by you.

The operator holds a right to upgrade your car, for example, if you booked E class, operator may send you V class (it is still a business class), or S class, or Tesla. There would be no additional cost for you.

Left items

In case of lost item, passenger advised to contact to the operator first, or to Lost property – TfL;